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My son and daughter took the grade 5 lesson course with Jane in 2021. Due to covid, all of the lessons were on line. Jane is a patient, dedicated, engaging and thorough teacher who tailors her approach to the children’s requirements. The pace of the course is good, the materials first rate and the homework fantastic at consolidating knowledge. As the exam date approached, Jane identified that my daughter needed extra support and went the extra mile to give her the maximum chance of passing. Both my son and daughter were delighted that they passed their grade 5 theory. They could not have done it without Jane!! Thank you so much Jane and I whole-heartedly recommend you to others. Elaine, September 2021

Jane’s classes are very helpful as if you are worried or stuck with anything you can just ask her.
Usually towards the exam she will revise the harder things you struggle on. She will show you past papers to help you understand the format of the exam and help you get into a routine. She is a very kind, thoughtful teacher and won’t stop until you are confident or have the right idea of what you are doing. Ariya, December 2020

Jane ran a well-planned timetable in preparation for the grade 5 theory exam last summer, coping brilliantly with the changes that Covid brought. The lessons moved online and she managed to keep the pace going as well as maintaining a friendly and personable approach. Our son passed and now has a firm understanding of theory which is proving very useful for his music GCSE. Rachel, December 2020

My daughter took lessons in 2020 with Jane in year 6 to do her grade 5 theory. My daughter did the moderate course – 26 weeks- and successfully passed under Jane’s tuition. Jane is an inspirational teacher on many levels and her dedication to each pupil is reflected in her 100% pass level. Jane is a calm and reflective teacher who understands the needs of each pupil and was always prepared to give extra support to my daughter if needed. The pace of the course is good and Jane takes her pupils through the syllabus in an organised and supportive way. The course materials are clear and my daughter enjoyed doing the worksheets. Jane sets enough homework and is flexible if her pupils have other commitments, on the odd occasion. Her lessons on Zoom also worked well for us. I would highly recommend Jane as a teacher and this course in particular. My daughter was over the moon to have passed her Grade 5 and is now working on her grade 6 violin. Thank you so much Jane. Viji, January 2021.

My daughter has been taking flute lessons with Jane for the past 5 years. She has always achieved good grades throughout, so when it came to be getting ready for the grade 5 theory exam it was extra lessons every week for a period but so well organised by Jane. The fees covered are not only for the tuition and the course learning materials but also for the stationery needed for the lessons. The teaching was well paced, not rushed, and enjoyable. Jane put her at ease and made sure each aspect of the theory was well understood and she knew everything before taking the exams. She passed at her first attempt. Thank you Jane for all your help. Payal, April 2020

Jane has the ability to make every lesson enjoyable. She ‘gets it’ that music isn’t the only exam you may be working towards. I really didn’t know if I had the headspace to do my music theory as so much else was going on but she is amazing and got me through my Grade 5 theory!!! Also my mum says she’s magic because I always come away from her lessons in the best mood, not that I’m usually a stroppy teenager or anything….Maddie, April 2020

Jane McNeill is the one of the best teachers that you will ever find. She makes learning music theory not only simple but enjoyable as well. Without her help I would have never have passed my theory exams, but she is such a good teacher that even I could pass. She is more dedicated to making sure her students pass than anyone I have ever met and there is no better choice in my mind. James, November 2019

I just got distinction for my Grade 5 theory and I’m so glad that I had Jane as my teacher! She really encourages all her pupils and is very patient with them even when they constantly make the same mistakes! Her programme has really helped me and she really loves what she does! Some of my friends have switched to Trinity because they couldn’t be bothered to do it but I highly encourage all music pupils to do music theory because my understanding of music has grown so much and I love it even more now than before! Esther, November 2019

My daughter has absolutely loved her grade 5 theory course with Jane. It says a lot when a 10 year old is more than happy to sit in a theory lesson after a long day at school and still come out enthused and interested each week. Jane’s teaching methods speak for themselves with results – my daughter felt calm and well prepared as she went into the exam and it is an added bonus that they don’t just jump through the hoops to move on with the practical exams, but are still excited about theory too! Sarah, November 2019

Jane’s lessons are interesting and fun and made me feel totally prepared for the exam – I love music theory! Sigal, November 2019

My daughter definitely really enjoyed your course, she even wondered if she can still study with you after the exam, she said you are fun and explained everything very clearly. Sue, March 2019

Thank you so much for getting me through Grade 6 (and Grade 5!) Music Theory! Couldn’t have done it without you. Juliet, March 2019

Thank you for teaching me. You’ve been a brilliant teacher. Xiao, March 2019

Words cannot express my gratitude. My daughter started with you without any theory exams under her belt, but within a short space of time, you have taken her to Grade 5. You are a fabulous teacher, who has gone the extra mile to ensure my daughter passes her Grade 5. Nazim, June 2018

Jane’s Grade 5 theory course was absolutely brilliant! I had never done theory before but I went straight to Grade 5 and somehow managed to pass in a few months! It was all down to the amazing course I took. Sophia, June 2018

I really enjoyed my classes with Jane. I liked the classes as they were fun and Jane helped me to do the difficult questions. I liked going to the class with another girl. Jane gave me confidence and I will now always remember to read the question! Thank you Jane for all your help. Asha, March 2018

I found Jane really easy to talk to if I didn’t understand something, she is very friendly and makes you feel at home. Very helpful, thank you for getting me through my grade. Sarah, Nov 2017

Cannot recommend Jane highly enough. Both my son and my daughter managed to enjoy learning theory with Jane – so much so that my daughter wishes to continue to higher grades! I have always found her welcoming, organised and very communicative. She motivated both my children so that they did all their lesson prep without any nagging – a miracle! Thank you so much Jane. Deirdre, Nov 2017

Jane was an excellent theory teacher for both of my teenage daughters. She worked hard with them but still managed to keep learning music theory fun!

Jane is very experienced, both in her musicianship and in working with young people. She has developed a great service with a full and comprehensive set of materials which the girls enjoyed learning with. Each lesson had a clear structure and a follow up homework session and they both made quick progress gaining the qualification in just 6 months.

It was a pleasure working with Jane and I have no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone wishing to learn theory. Sue, June 2017

My daughter needed to move from Grade 1 to Grade 5 theory quickly. Jane’s excellent teaching took her there is two terms and she was delighted to get the bonus of a distinction in the exam. I would recommend Jane to anyone with teenagers looking to learn theory and pass the exams. Mike, January 2017

Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty! Jo, November 2016

Thanks for bringing out the best music student in me.   Ricky, November 2016

Jane did a fantastic job teaching theory to my 11 year old son (grade 1-5 in six months). She had great strategies to help him prepare for the exam. Jane is an enthusiastic and supportive teacher. She was recommended to me by a friend and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others.   Mandy, October 2016

Being both a student and a teacher, I would like to highly recommend Jane McNeill’s course on Grade 5 Theory.  Having a wide background in music, I learned a number of things I didn’t know, and also learned things I did in a different way.  Ms. McNeill is an excellent teacher, thorough and patient and explains the material needed for passing the Grade 5 Theory exam in a clear and organised manner.  She is very supportive, and I found her course interesting, informative and fun, and I know that it was instrumental [pun intended!] in my successful exam result; so it is definitely good value for money.  More importantly, Ms. McNeill’s course has given me a more complete understanding of music theory.   Paul,  April 2016

Both of my daughters passed grade 5 theory after having lessons with Jane.  They benefited from her clear concise teaching – she was very patient and even managed to make theory fun!   Jenny, April 2016