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Welcome to The Everything of Theory with Jane McNeill!

The Everything of Theory is a course designed to take students in small groups through the ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory syllabus and examination, originally at Jane’s home, but now also available remotely via Zoom. 
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The topics are explained clearly and covered in a logical order, to build the student’s confidence in readiness for the exam.

There is an option reach Grade 5 in two stages – starting with Grade 3, then progressing to Grade 5 – and also the option to continue to Grade 6, and finally Grade 8.

Why take ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory?

Passing Grade 5 Music Theory means that a student can take Grade 6 or higher on their instrument.  However, that is not the only reason for taking the exam!   The course will take a student through the fundamental principles of music and its composition, and lead to a greater understanding of how music works.  This in turn will support a student’s performance on any instrument or voice, as well as provide a solid grounding for GCSE and A-level music.

Which course?

The course is available in several different lengths – either intense (13 or 15 weeks), moderate (20 or 26 weeks), leisurely (39 weeks) or two stage (30 weeks to Grade 3, followed by 30 weeks to Grade 5). Each course will cover the whole syllabus in depth, with plenty of examples and question practice.

ABRSM Grade 6 is available as a 20 week course or a 30 week course, and Grade 8 Music Theory is available as a 30 week course.

Where are the lessons?

Lessons are currently taking place using a mixture of Zoom lessons and Face to Face lessons in Bush Hill Park, Enfield, close to Bush Hill Park station.

When are the lessons?

Here is the weekly timetable of lessons, which take place during term-time only. Find the one that is most convenient for you.

When is the exam?

Online exams can now be taken at any time. Grades 6 – 8 are still paper exams – click on examinations in the calendar and scroll through to see the exact date and time.

Who will be teaching me?

All lessons are taken by Jane McNeill, an established teacher with over thirty years of experience.